Consultancy Services

SOG Consultancy Services provides advice, guidance and help to implement your unique requirements and objectives. SOG has extensive experience in the following areas



health & safety

SHE Services

SHE services help those businesses that don’t employ a dedicated safety professional. Our team provide cost effective, uncomplicated, common-sense advice and training to help your business comply with current legislation.

Outsourcing your health and safety is a cost-effective way to comply with both legislation and the demands of internal processes, procedures and best practice.

Behavioural Safety

Deal With It

Our dedicated Behavioural Safety division, Deal With It, offers a bespoke global cultural training programme to enhance safety standards in work environments. The Deal With It programme, which has reduced accidents in the workplace, has been translated into over 20 languages to help businesses and their employees be more aware of safety and the potential hazards in workplaces.
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Technical Support to deliver turnkey solutions

Our specialist Projects team can offer unrivalled technical support to deliver turnkey solutions for businesses looking to create a bespoke working environment. This includes design and build of new space or adaptation of existing facilities for office or laboratory accommodation, including semi-tech and post-incubation scale-up space. The team manage all aspects from initial design concepts to project completion.

Facilities Management

Extensive Experience

SOG Ltd has a Facilities Management consultancy thanks to SOG’s extensive experience in managing serviced office and serviced laboratory accommodation, traditionally leased buildings and a broad range of specialist scientific and technical premises.


Unique Consultancy Service

As proven regeneration specialists, SOG Ltd has developed its own unique consultancy service ‘Fusion’ which offers advice and guidance to organisations considering closing or down-sizing sites. Fusion identifies whether there are viable, cost-effective options to regenerate such sites that may protect the facilities and secure employment.

Fusion is ultimately a tool which can be deployed by organisations to manage their physical assets (buildings and land). This need usually drives towards a decision to divest the organisation of a site in its entirety or, in some cases, a need to repurpose part of a site where some of the capacity needs to be retained.

What is Fusion?

1 . The process.

This is four stages that include:

– Scouting Study – An initial investigation to provide options of what might be possible on any particular site.
– Feasibility – An in-depth appraisal to determine the solution.
– Enabling – Design and implementation planning resulting in final design and a delivery programme – putting everything in place to achieve what is deemed possible.
– Implementation – Completion and final evaluation of the solution.

2. A set of values and considerations that are to be considered and tested throughout the whole process. This is the central core of the Fusion process which runs from Scouting right through to Implementation, consistently testing everything against agreed values.

3. A strict data-led approach which means decisions are taken based on knowledge and data rather than hope and belief. Decisions are therefore always made on a fully informed basis.